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ATB feat Sean Ryan - Killing me inside

Title:ATB feat Sean Ryan - Killing me inside
Duration:5:27 Min
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Uploaded At:2011-10-18 04:54:00
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Killing me inside is one of the best songs on ATB's Distant Earth. The video is from Dominic Boudreault's "City Limits". Makes the song (if possible) even better... I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO EITHER THIS SONG OR THE VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS. "Distant Earth" is André "ATB" Tanneberger's 9th studio album, which was released on the 29th of April 2011, by Kontor Records. It features 2 CDs in the standard edition, 3 CDs in the limited edition, and 3 CDs + 5 ATB signed postcards + ATB bracelet in the FanBox Limited Edition (which can be ordered on Amazon and it is limited to 2000 copies). Also, there is another 2 CD digipack version that comes with an ATB sticker and it's available only in Germany. The first CD is an ATB-standard tracks CD, which contains tracks featuring artists like Josh Gallahan, Amurai, Dash Berlin, Sean Ryan, Rea Garvey, Melissa Loretta or JanSoon . The second CD is an ambient / lounge CD which brings us a surprising collaboration with Armin van Buuren for the track called "Vice Versa", and, finally, the third CD contains the club versions of the tracks found on the first CD.

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